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1151 Floranada Rd

Oakland Park, FL 33334


Friday, November 10, 2023

6:00 - 11:30pm


Limited to 20 people

Learn About & Experience:


 Sisterhood Circle


Sage Smudging


Cacao Ceremony


Live Music by

Spotify-Featured Songstress

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Chakra Balancing Breathwork


 Gong & Bowls Sound Bath


Divination Card Reading


Feast – a rich, catered and deliciously grounding dinner

We understand that these practices can sometimes seem mysterious or unfamiliar, so we're here to explain everything before you experience them.  

We are going to teach you a bit of the history and how to take these practices home and into your daily life.

Meet Your Hosts

 Meet the founders of Body & Soul Ministries. Empowering Healers Who are Eager to Lead You on an Exceptional Journey of Self-Discovery and Personal Growth."


Special Guest Healers 

We've Assembled a Radiant Team of Holistic Guides to Illuminate Your Path on this Magical Journey


Join us at Soulful Manifestation & Cacao Magic Mini Retreat, a soulful sanctuary where women come to awaken their inner magic and manifest a life overflowing with love, joy, and abundance. Guided by ancient wisdom and modern practices, you'll experience the energy, focus and creativity contained in the power of ceremonial cacao, breathwork, chakra balancing, sound baths and sacred rituals, igniting your heart's desires and rediscovering your authentic self.

This retreat has been specially curated for:

1. Women Seeking More: If you're a woman who has achieved great things but still feels like something is missing in your life, this mini-retreat is tailored to meet your needs. It's time to level up!

2. Soul-Seekers: If you're on a quest for deeper meaning, a stronger connection with your inner self, and a profound sense of purpose, this journey is yours to embark upon.

3. Spiritual Explorers: If you've been intrigued by the idea of sound baths and breathwork but haven't had the chance to explore them, this retreat is your perfect opportunity.  You'll never have to go it alone; we're here to support your journey every step of the way.

4. Individuals Wanting to Manifest Abundance: If you desire to manifest more love, joy, and abundance in all aspects of your life, this mini-retreat offers you the tools and guidance to achieve this.

5. Community-Seekers: If you're looking for a supportive community of like-minded souls who understand your journey and aspirations, you'll find it within the retreat's embrace.


In essence, this retreat is for those who are ready to level up, step into their authentic selves, and manifest a life filled with love, joy, and abundance. It's a space where women can come together to grow, and empower each other on this beautiful journey of self-discovery.  

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Embarking on a Journey of Self-Discovery

As participants step into the sacred space of the retreat, they are greeted by an atmosphere charged with positive energy and anticipation. The journey ahead promises to be nothing short of transformational.

Cacao Ceremony: Igniting the Heart

The retreat begins with a heart-opening cacao ceremony. The rich, earthy scent of ceremonial cacao fills the air as participants gather in a circle. Sipping the warm elixir, they set their intentions for the retreat. The cacao, known as "the food of the gods," stirs their spirits, readying them for the adventure.

Breathwork and Chakra Balancing: Finding Inner Harmony

Guided breathwork sessions lead participants into a state of deep relaxation. As they breathe in, they release tension and stress, allowing their bodies and minds to unwind. Chakra balancing practices help them align their energy centers, fostering emotional equilibrium and inner peace.

Journaling and Affirmations: Unveiling Truths

In the tranquil moments of journaling, participants put pen to paper, allowing their innermost thoughts and desires to flow freely. Through the act of writing, they begin to unearth the truths buried within. Affirmations become daily companions, empowering them to manifest their heartfelt intentions.

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Sound Baths and Meditation: Harmonizing with the Universe

Gentle tones of crystal bowls and soothing vibrations guide participants into meditative states. Here, they explore the depths of their inner selves, connecting with a higher consciousness. The resonance of sound washes away lingering doubts and fears.

Sage and Serenity: The Transformative Power of Smudging 


Smudging, a time-honored ritual deeply rooted in indigenous traditions, will be an integral part of our retreat experience. During smudging, we use sacred herbs to create fragrant smoke. As this smoke wafts through our space, it purifies the energy, dispelling negativity and allowing for a fresh start. This ancient practice not only cleanses the environment but also offers a profound opportunity for personal renewal. Through smudging, you will release what no longer serves you, paving the way for a transformative journey of self-discovery, clarity, and inner harmony during our retreat.

Card Readings: Divine Guidance

Card readings offer moments of divine insight and guidance. Whether through tarot, oracle cards, or other divination tools, participants receive messages that resonate deeply with their journeys.

Feasting: Nourishing the Body and Soul

Nourishment takes on a new dimension during the retreat. A wholesome, delicious meal is prepared with intention and love, feeding not only the body but also the soul. Participants savor every bite, experiencing food as a source of vitality and gratitude.

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Community and Connection: Kindred Spirits Unite

As the hours unfold, participants form bonds that transcend the retreat experience. They share stories, laughter, and tears, knowing they are among kindred spirits on their journey to self-discovery.

Closing Circle: A Renewed Beginning

In the closing circle, the retreat's magic culminates. Each participant reflects on the journey, recognizing the growth and transformation within themselves. They leave with open hearts, ready to embrace a life filled with love, joy, and abundance.

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Join us!

If you're on a quest for more in life, eager to elevate your journey, and seeking profound insights into how spiritual practices can enrich your path to happiness and fulfillment, look no further. Join our mini retreat, where you'll connect with kindred spirits, explore in a safe and nurturing environment, and embark on a transformative journey. This is your opportunity to unlock your full potential and embrace a life filled with joy and abundance. Sign up today to start your inspiring and empowering journey!

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