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We are Voices of the Goddess Podcast. Our mission is to Empower, Inspire and Uplift women to be the Goddess they truly are. In each show we interview Goddesses to hear their stories. We believe every woman has valuable wisdom and experience to share that will benefit others.
Graciela and Julietta continue this podcast as a way to support other women in finding their way through all the changes and challenges life brings us.
We believe that everything is figureoutable and together, finding the solutions is easier than trying to do it alone.
Voices of the Goddess airs new episodes each week. Our episodes can be seen and heard on YouTube and all major podcast platforms including, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeart , Audible, and more!
A limited number of Monthly Sponsorships are available for purchase. Potential sponsors are invited to submit a request for availability and approval to  Please provide your contact information, social media handles, website and a brief summary of your business for approval.  Once approved and assigned a particular month, you may purchase your sponsorship with this link upon your signature on our Sponsorship Agreement.  (Do not purchase a sponsorship until you have written approval from Voices of the Goddess and your Sponsorship Agreement is signed.)
  • Your company will be named the “Sponsor of the Month"
  • Your 60-second commercial (written by you) will be read at the onset of each episode that airs in your assigned month;
  • Your Contact Info, social media links and website will be in the show notes for each episode that airs in your assigned month;
  • Your promo (image and copy provided by you) will be posted weekly during your assigned month in our Circle of Goddesses Facebook Group with 1.2k members and growing
  • You will have the opportunity to host an event open to the Circle of Goddesses community local to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, subject to certain terms and conditions
NO REFUNDS.  Please do not purchase a sponsorship until you have written approval from Voices of the Goddess.

Podcast Sponsoring

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