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Your Spirit Guides Aren't Going to Meet You at the Bar

Updated: Feb 5

Hey there, seekers of the cosmic truth! 🌌 Gather 'round, because it's time to delve into a topic that's been bugging us like a pesky mosquito during a serene meditation session. You know what we're talking about – that recurring lament, "I wish I could hear my spirit guides like she does" or "I want to be as spiritually evolved as they are." Well, hold onto your amethyst-infused hats, because we're about to have a heart-to-soul talk about this whole shebang.

"But I Want to Hear My Spirit Guides, Like, Yesterday!"

Ah, yes, the classic case of the impatient mystic. Trust me, I get it. Your blue spirit guides aren't going to manifest at the local bar, sipping cosmos and trading cosmic wisdom over nachos. Sorry, but that's just not their scene. They're more into the energy of starlit nights and high-frequency vibes. If you're spending most evenings bellied up to the bar, you're not going to hear your guides even if they're screaming at you. Alcohol brings your vibration down and to hear your spirit guides you need to bring your vibration up a few notches.

Listen up, lovelies: like any good relationship, connecting with your spirit guides takes time, dedication, and a willingness to ditch your skeptic shades. You can't just pop open a can of spiritual enlightenment and expect it to fizz its way into your aura. No, no. You've got to do the groundwork, the soul-searching, the inner excavation.

Soulful Endeavors Required

Let's talk squad goals – but on a metaphysical level. Surround yourself with fellow seekers, those who share your penchant for deciphering the universe's grand mysteries over a cup of herbal tea. You've got your podcast, "Voices of the Goddess," right? Use it as a beacon to attract like-minded souls who are ready to expand their consciousness. It's alright to let go of those who dim your celestial light. When your vibe rises, you become a lighthouse for kindred spirits seeking a similar illumination.

Cosmic Cleanup: Bid Adieu to Low-Vibe Clutter

Those habitual patterns that keep you tethered to lower frequencies? They're akin to static disrupting your spirit's signal. Picture trying to hear a whisper over a blaring horn—it's a cosmic cacophony. It's time to Marie Kondo your soul and part ways with these energetic dust collectors. Witness as your vibe ascends like a comet streaking through the heavens. Those Netflix marathons that stretch from dusk till dawn or indulging in gossip juicier than an otherworldly fruit? Swap them for habits that harmonize with your soul's well-being and watch the universe applaud your transformation.

Plant Medicine: A Guided Voyage

Hold onto your cosmic hats, seekers of truth, because plant medicine is like a mystical compass guiding you through uncharted realms. It seems like everyone and their grandma is trying out psychedelics these days for a fast track to spiritual growth. But here's the catch: while it shows you the door, you're still the one stepping through it. Plant medicine is the invitation, but your willingness to explore and integrate the teachings of these wisdom keepers is the RSVP. Thinking it's a one-way ticket to enlightenment? Time for a reality check. Plant medicine may open the door, but your journey is an intricate dance of your consciousness with the universe's rhythms.

Meditation: The Portal to Possibility

Meditation isn't merely crossing your legs and pretending you're a Zen master. It's the training ground for your spiritual essence. It's where you sculpt your metaphysical muscles, align your energy centers, and create the space for your spirit guides to engage. But remember, this isn't a spectator sport; it's an intimate exploration. Be deliberate in your meditation, and be prepared for the cosmic insights that unfold. Patience is key; instant cosmic revelations are as rare as finding a four-leaf clover on a cloudy night.

Vibe Check: Ascend, Don't Hibernate

Imagine your energy as a cosmic canvas. Are you painting with radiant colors or drowning in shades of darkness? The company you keep and the energy you radiate are the pigments shaping your cosmic masterpiece. While your spirit guides might not critique your brushstrokes, they certainly have preferences when it comes to the energies they resonate with. Surround yourself with high-vibe frequencies, for they're the symphony your guides can tune into, and negativity is the static they'd rather avoid.

Cosmic Seekers, Take Note

Alright, cosmic trailblazers, lend us your cosmic ears: your spirit guides await, but guess who's the luminary of this celestial saga? That's right—it's you! No shortcuts, no cosmic shortcuts, just you embracing the cosmic spotlight. Keep those vibrations soaring, maintain your inquisitiveness, and always remember, the universe is both your canvas and your easel. So, go forth and co-create with the cosmos! And if you need someone to hold your hand or cheer you on, reach out, we'd love to support! One place your spirit guides might meet you as at one of our events. Check them out here 🌌🕺💫

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Your Spirit Guides Aren't Here

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