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8 Sessions - starting August 30th, every other week Monday at 7 - 9pm EST.

Do you have an ambitious goal that you have been unable to achieve on your own?

Would you like the support of like-minded, powerful women to keep you accountable in achieving that goal.

Are you ready to take charge and create the life you want?


Maybe you have always wanted to write a book?

Start your own business?

Make healthy lifestyle changes?

Start a podcast?

Transition to a new career?


What is your big bold goal?


The Goddess Goals Mastermind Group will help you! Join us for 8 Sessions beginning August 30th! And be ready to celebrate your accomplishments right before the holidays! Join a small group of women to encourage, provide support and connections to help you achieve your goal. Participate in weekly check-in's with you "Goal Goddess" for encouragement.

Group sessions will help you to break down the needed steps to achieve your goal, hold you accountable to meet your timeline created to achieve that goal, push through any mindset blocks holding you back, know that the universe is limitless, abundant and accommodating to your deepest desires. Throughout the sessions get solid on your big goal and create a step by step, time bound plan. Link up with a "Goal Goddess" for consistent check-in's, join our Goddess Goals Facebook group for easy communication and accountability. Get you mind straight and know with out a doubt that the universe and what you put out there matters. Share weekly with the group your ups and downs, and where you are in the process of achieving your goal. For supportive feedback and concrete steps to continue to move forward. At the end of our time together we look forward to celebrating with you and helping you discover your next steps and how you will continue to nourish and grow in regard to your accomplishment!


Goddess Goals Mastermind

  • The zoom link for the mastermind will be provided the day before the scheduled meeting.

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